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From:  Bonnie Collins
Date:  Tue May 23, 2000  12:25 pm
Subject:  Writing conventions

I have been teaching two children Signwriting and they were questioning me as
to the direction the pencil should follow when writing the symbols. In the
"SignWriting for Everyday Use" manual it does state that you should not raise
your pencil from paper when writing the head/shoulder/arm symbols but I did not
find any tips on direction of writing. Is there a convention to be followed?

Val, the recent lessons on the site have been very valuable - as always!

Stefan, after an absence from the computer I returned to find that over 100
messages have been posted to the list yet my message I sent in response to your
helping me out with writing hammock was not among them. I did not want you to
think I did not appreciate your help - my hammock is up now, thanks.


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