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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu May 25, 2000  6:38 am
Subject:  Re: Writing conventions

At 8:21 AM -0400 5/23/00, Bonnie Collins wrote:
>I have been teaching two children Signwriting and they were
>questioning me as to the direction the pencil should follow when
>writing the symbols. In the "SignWriting for Everyday Use" manual
>it does state that you should not raise your pencil from paper when
>writing the head/shoulder/arm symbols but I did not find any tips on
>direction of writing. Is there a convention to be followed?
>Val, the recent lessons on the site have been very valuable - as always!

SignWriting List
May 24, 2000

Hi Bonnie - Thanks for this nice message - it is very exciting that
you are teaching children SignWriting ;-))

And I am so surprised you are using our old out-of-date textbook
"SignWriting for Everyday Use"! That was written around 1981-1982,
and was the first book we used in Denmark to train the teachers there
- but since around 1988 it has not been used - so how did you get a
copy? I have about 20 copies in my garage, and those are the last

Go ahead - raise your pencils while you write if you wish! Feel
comfortable when writing...

And if we have a web site that works for you someday (sob
sob)...there are lessons in writing - but right now, the web site is
struggling trying to find files that were only partially uploaded -
so I will tell you all when the site if in good shape again -

By the way, writing head, shoulders and arms continues to this day in
Denmark, and even in Norway in some cases, but generally our American
Deaf contributors have chosen to drop the stick figure, unless you
contact the shoulders or arms

Sure hope the SignWriting List Archives works for you - sorry to hear
that a posting of yours never came to the List -

Best -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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