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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Thu May 25, 2000  10:02 pm
Subject:  Re: Hello

Las Cruces is in New Mexico close to El Paso, Texas. In El Paso, they have
around 150 Deaf children and a dayschool, but they use SEE. Their reason is
that there are many children from mexican families that don't know English,
which I don't think is a good reason. A very few Mexican hearing families
are just now realizing that "perhaps" ASL is the best way to go in teaching
their children (that is here in New Mexico, and El Paso), but I have just
recently found this out from a Deaf friend who lives in Juarez, Mexico. The
Deaf Community in Juarez is trying to fight for their rights in Mexico, and
it looks like it will be a long battle. If IDEA could get through to El
Paso, then they would have to change their ways.

Anyways, will have to wait and see what happens. My husband and I really
enjoyed seeing Sign Writing for the Easter story. I told many of our friends
about it.

Nancy Cole

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