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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri May 26, 2000  2:55 pm
Subject:  Re: Lessons In Sign Language Transcription

Hello dear colleagues,

Joe Martin wrote :

> Comments:
> 1st sign:
> I guess it's just me, but I looked and looked and looked at this--it
> looked like he touched his jaw with his index finger. I couldn't decide
> whether to write it that way, or with the second contact on the shoulder,
> or non second contact at all. Did anyone else have that problem?

Yes my son Johannes , my wife and me !!

> I liked Stephan's change of orientation, which seems to capture the
> movement quite well. Mark's was *very clear--but I agree, maybe better
> not to shift perspectives unless we have to.
Itīs my turn to comment : " I guess it's just me, but I looked and looked
and looked at this " in the end I decided to write the sign the way he (Hi
Mark - What is his name ??) moved his right hand and arm (what I could see
or believed to recognize)
This is the typical "critical" decision we have to make - as long as I donīt
know the other language - I donīt know wether a specific sign changes its
meaning in case I change the orientation of the hand -
So I felt more confident with this. It didnīt came to my mind until now that
the first part of my "L -Hand sign " is written from the front -perspective
while the end is top-down ? My pupils accept this without hesitation.
Would it be better to write both parts of this sign from top - down ? (see
attached gif )

> 2nd sign:
> Wow, a lot of different spellings :-) I noticed the arm movement, but
> thought it was unneccesary to write it as it seemed more a consequence of
> the wrist moving--so I didn't write it.

Well - I think it is interesting to write it as you see it - If it isnīt
important - no problem . We can do without. This idea was on my mind when I
realized that I have got problems to write the hands in the first sign. Of
course the exact positon of the hands arenīt important to understand what
the signer wants to express - (I concentrate - I`m going to start in a
moment, ) But I think this teaching project should pick up all the problems
that occur during every day writing - mistakes are our friends !!

I'm confused about Stefan's
> movement arrow;

(sorry for that - do you remember my question DGS wolf ? )

I read that as a forearm held horizontally in front of the
> body, hand pointing to the left, and its rotating. (shown by the double,
> curved arrow). But in this sign the forearm was verticle--???
Thank you for your comment on this! Valerie will probably comment this
solution as well. What was my idea ?
The right forarm is up, back of the hand facing you - (see gif "start ")
now the hand and (I think the arm as well in its endposition ) moves into a
vertikal positon (gif "end") Now - what kind of movement is it if you
concentrate on the fingertips - while the elbow keeps almost in place ? I
think its kind of quarter circle forward down )
Therefor I decided to use this movement arrow ? Is it correct Vallerie ?

> _______________________________________
> Joe Martin, Plain Old Ordinary Student
> Top Left Corner USA
> On Fri, 26 May 2000, Mark Penner wrote:
> > Great to see the transcriptions. I liked Wayne's for the second sign
> > first, as he didn't include the nod/blink), though perhaps Stephan's

(hi Mark - itīs interesting that you write my nam with "ph" do you know
another "Stephan"? ;-))) )

> > have been technically more accurate. It was hard to tell where one sign
> > stopped and the next began, and the hand was sort of in the "in-between"
> > position--between the way Wayne and I wrote it and the way Stephan wrote
> > it. I liked the look of the sign with just the shoulder mark, rather
> > the overhead view I used.

same with me ;-)
> >
> > For the third (Waynes 2nd), I liked Stephan's a lot, though I might have
> > used a straight arrow for the angle instead of the curved.

yes - I didnīt know eather but for the sake of learning and accuracy I
decided to take this curved one -
In real life you would get the chance to see it more clearly how far the
hand bows forward - but when you move your arm from vertical to horizontal
position your hand is forced into a curved movement unless you draw back
with your elbow - - But the elbow stays in place - as far as I can see .

Again, these are
> > hard distinctions to draw, at least for me. Both Wayne and Stephan saw
> > third with fingers together, and that seems better to me than mine too.

This was a difficult thing to decide and I looked at it in various frames -

> > found the two arrows on Waynes confusing, and mine had no arm movement
> > indicated at all, whereas in the video, there was, I think.
> >
I agree ! ;-)

> > What fun! It's wonderful to get such feedback.

Yessssssssssss - thank you to all of you ! It helps to do my homework with
more confidence !

Have a great day ...

Stefan ;-)

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