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From:  Leonardo Mahler
Date:  Wed Sep 16, 1998  5:15 pm
Subject:  Re: Start Your Own SW Web Site?

Hi! Ive all symbols( no signs ), =~1900 of Sign Writer in .DBF format.
I captured them to use in my chat.


John Albert Bickford wrote:
> Valerie has commented on some of the difficulties in getting SignWriting
> posted in an HTML document. It's a lot of work, since everything needs to be
> converted to graphic images.
> There may be another option that you might want to consider. We've used it
> very successfully on our SIL sites (e.g. //,
> where we have a lot of special font requirements for spoken languages, using
> special characters that are not normally available in web browsers.
> What we have done is convert such papers to Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This
> preserves all of the graphics and layout, giving you a picture on screen of
> what you would get on a printed page. It is a one-step process. Basically,
> all you do is pick the Adobe PDFWriter as your "printer" from any Windows
> program (there is also a version for the Mac), and it creates the PDF file.
> The software to create such files costs about $180 retail, but we have
> sometimes been able to get academic editions for as little as $35.
> On the receiving end, someone wanting to read the file needs a special
> program that is available free from Adobe called Adobe Acrobat Reader. There
> are versions available for a wide range of operating systems: Windows, Mac,
> Unix, OS/2, among others. There's a little bit of work involved to install
> Acrobat Reader before you can read the files, but once that is done the
> system works very smoothly. There are lots of other sites on the web
> (including lots of government offices) that also publish things in Adobe
> Acrobat format, so it's worthwhile having it for getting access to that
> information too.
> So, I could see that this technology might make it possible to greatly speed
> up the speed with which you could get things published on the web. It's an
> option that is available to you. I'll be happy to describe it further if
> people have questions.
> Albert Bickford
> SIL-Mexico

Leonardo Schulz Mahler -
Nutec Informatica S/A
Silveiro 1111, Porto Alegre RS
(051)218 8216

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