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From:  John Albert Bickford
Date:  Wed Sep 16, 1998  3:55 pm
Subject:  Re: Start Your Own SW Web Site?

Valerie has commented on some of the difficulties in getting SignWriting
posted in an HTML document. It's a lot of work, since everything needs to be
converted to graphic images.

There may be another option that you might want to consider. We've used it
very successfully on our SIL sites (e.g. //,
where we have a lot of special font requirements for spoken languages, using
special characters that are not normally available in web browsers.

What we have done is convert such papers to Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This
preserves all of the graphics and layout, giving you a picture on screen of
what you would get on a printed page. It is a one-step process. Basically,
all you do is pick the Adobe PDFWriter as your "printer" from any Windows
program (there is also a version for the Mac), and it creates the PDF file.
The software to create such files costs about $180 retail, but we have
sometimes been able to get academic editions for as little as $35.

On the receiving end, someone wanting to read the file needs a special
program that is available free from Adobe called Adobe Acrobat Reader. There
are versions available for a wide range of operating systems: Windows, Mac,
Unix, OS/2, among others. There's a little bit of work involved to install
Acrobat Reader before you can read the files, but once that is done the
system works very smoothly. There are lots of other sites on the web
(including lots of government offices) that also publish things in Adobe
Acrobat format, so it's worthwhile having it for getting access to that
information too.

So, I could see that this technology might make it possible to greatly speed
up the speed with which you could get things published on the web. It's an
option that is available to you. I'll be happy to describe it further if
people have questions.

Albert Bickford

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