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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Mon May 29, 2000  4:19 pm
Subject:  Re: Las Cruces and El Paso

Dear Nancy and List,

Don Cabbage is a dear friend of my family, and it is good to hear
mention of his work. Don introduced me to ASL and I have taken two of
his classes, one at Apache Creek. I could offer no higher
recommendation for a beginning signer than to consult him or Victor.
Victor has done much artistically to assist Don's efforts in developing
a simple learning system for beginners. Don is cognizant and capable of
the very complex mathematical and engineering terms in ASL, yet is very
able to communicate and teach at the basic level.
We would be much farther behind in deaf education without the Dons,
Victors, and Valeries.

Jerry Spillman

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