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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sat May 27, 2000  10:51 pm
Subject:  Re: Las Cruces and El Paso

I think the IDEA law will hit pretty soon in El Paso. Many of the students
there travel far just to go there to school. I think the problem is that
parents are misinformed about what to teach their Deaf children. It is the
same for the Deaf Mexican community. I keep wondering how long people will
live in the "dark" ages for teaching Deaf/HH children. I never realized
myself how many hearing people do not know anything about Deaf culture or
Deaf people. I have a teacher who has taught for 40 years and has a son who
is Deaf, and she STILL uses the old methods of teaching. I wish I could start
a rally or something and get El Paso to change their methods.....oh how I

Also, I have heard of Victor from Juarez. My husband has gone to Apache Deaf
Camp many times, but this year it will be my first. Don Cabbage is the
pastor for that camp and he also knows MSL. We also had a situation here in
Las Cruces, and El Paso where Deaf Mexicans were abused. Some of them were
selling ABC cards, and made us look really bad. But it has broken off, I'm
not sure what all happened. Anyways, MSL is an interesting language, and
really good to learn if you live here in New Mexico. Most of the Deaf here,
we can communicate fine with each other, and we use something like a gesture
language, but it works out fine, and we always figure out what each other is
saying...strange but true.

Smile :)

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