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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Wed May 31, 2000  2:42 pm
Subject:  Re: Hello

Hi Lorraine!

It was wonderful to meet you too! I wish I could change schools, but I'm
kinda stuck at this school for the time being. I enjoy the kids, it's just
difficult having another teacher in my room teaching her kids SEE, so one
more year I'll make do.

I had a hard time with one of my parents. One reason is that her child has
alot of control on what she doesn't want to do and so forth. Her mother is
Deaf, but doesn't read English well, so she doesn't know exactly how to help
her child, so if her child complains about not understanding or something is
boring then she comes to see me. It was really hard when my baby was born
and I had to leave for 3 weeks. I came back to work, and was bombarded with
complaints from her. Anyways, she has been to Arizona where they have the
graphemes method. I wanted to learn their method, but it's hard to go all
the way down to Arizona just to learn it, so I know very little. So, I found
SW on the web, and when I went to CASA I liked what I saw. I have only two
students that I can call my own, but I incorporate 7 students in the
afternoon. One of my students has ADHA, and he LOVES signwriting. I'm
making game cards to use for next year with all of the sign writing and the
definitions. He likes to play concentration. I'm also translating all of
his reading books into SW for him. I started SW with my other student but
she told her Mom that she didn't want to do it, so her mom told me no.
Anyways, later she wanted to work on SW, and I told her that her mother told
me not to use it, but she persisted and until the last day of school she
liked working with SW. But they will be moving to Arizona in the Fall. I
will have a new student for 3rd grade.

I wanted to ask you you use "reading milestones." I personally hate,
loathe, whatever a good word is used for them. Since I am a new teacher
there, those were the books the kids were using. I really don't think they
help Deaf/HH children catch up to their hearing peers, if any, it pulls them
behind. This fall I'm going to try and use some of the reading books from
3rd grade, and get the Deaf community involved. So far, it has only been
myself and my husband signing the stories for the kids.

The Deaf here aren't accepting SW like I thought they would. Well, even
Richard (my hubby) didn't accept either until he saw the video and went to
the workshop. In fact, neither did I, until later. So, I guess it will take
time and alittle more convincing. But for sure, I'm going to get some
pictures of Donny and my other student for the web. Donny is really eating
it up, and that keeps me teaching at this school.

Better run, kid's callin me!

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