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From:  Lorraine Crespin
Date:  Wed May 31, 2000  8:51 pm
Subject:  SW and parents

I am thinking about having an open house for may parents in the early Fall.
Then I can explain my literacy program which will include SW. I would like
for all the parents to of course be enthused about it, but it is more likely
they will have doubts and questions. I will dispell their doubts as best I
can with actual student work from this previous year. My hope is that they
will give themselves, their child and me the opportunity to use it and then
they can make an informed opinion about SW based on what they see happening
with their child.
I have begun to realize through the years that often parents just need
someone to ask questions to. They are either uninformed about language use
and education options or they have been bombarded with so much information
that they are unsure of what is best. So, one of my goals is to work with the
parents too making sure they understand how SW will be used in my class and
As to Reading Milestones.... well, yes it is still used within APS but not by
all programs and with all the students. Believe it or not, I actually had two
students request to use it and so I let them as a supplement to their other
readings. I generally take reading and literacy development on an individual
basis and for those students that need ALOT of repitition I have used it (as
boring as I find it). My approach to reading is very eclectic, which is why
SW will fit in just fine. The school our program is moving to, however ,
uses the 4 Block Literacy Program. I am currently researching and trying to
figure out how that will work with DF/HH children. Two components of the
program are heavily reliant on phonetics and hearing the sounds. Hmmmm.

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