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From:  Lorraine Crespin
Date:  Fri Jun 2, 2000  4:24 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting in New Mexico...

What you say is true. It sometimes just takes educating others.
I was thinking of having a parent literacy night early in Sept. (we begin
school mid August). That will give me the opportunity to explain, model, etc.
how I approach the development of literacy in my class. I can also, with the
help I hope of Cecilia to whom I have yet to throw out this idea or if she
reads this first she now knows (Smile), would be a good present SW and some
basic teaching of it. Parents can ask questions and perhaps it will lead to
some parent SW classes. As for materials, I do need to order some. You have
been most gracious in what you sent this past year. I'll be checking out the
web site to order some and get prepared for the beginning of school, and then
I have hopes to use some district direct purchase money to get more.

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