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From:  Linda Erickson
Date:  Sat Jun 3, 2000  8:53 am
Subject:  Re: Chami

Hi Nancy,
Thank you so much for sharing with me.
You have been through alot. But your making it and living a happier life it
seems. I am so tickled pink.
Thank you for sharing about signing infront of lindsey even though we are
not talking to her. How that makes so much sence. Yes.
Now, when I am at Bible Study, Church, I have already been working on
signing most of the songs we sing.
I have also recently purchased a board maker and last Sunday for childrens
church made a story of pictures with signing to go along with the story for
that day.
Usually, during the study and church, Lindsey is playing with JR ( another
little child) or working on crafts that I have prepared.
And when we do prayer, I always sign to her. I don't know all the signs,
but I work on it all the time.
There is so much I want to do for her, teach her, but I am teaching myself
aslo. It is quite a sacrifice a times, to commit my whole time to her to
meet her needs. (Sometimes I get selfish and just want some time for me.)
But, that too is getting better the more I become aware of each situation
and so on.....
Its hard work a times learning a new language. One that will always be on
going. I wish we had classes where I live, but there are none. Our favorite
Interpreter that would occassionally come out from Anchorage- just moved to
another country to become the Infant Learning Deaf Ed Director.
And our friends don't really keep up with it.
The kids always want to know the sign for no. Like tonight at Bible study a
little boy asked how to say no, and I looked at him and said I did not want
to teach him, because Lindsey HATES it when all kids do is say no to her. I
am sick and tired of it too. How ould they like to be said no to all the
time. And I've brought that up to some in a loving way, jusyt to help them
be aware. (But this little boy we never met before and whjo knows if we'll
see him again!)-Can you tell I get frustrated with that one.
Well, you could always move here, We are in desperate need of an
Interpreter(s). We have 4 deaf children and only 1 Interpreter.
1-907-842-5634 is the fax number to the school district. (I don't really
know if they have an TTY?) Just incase you wanted to check that out.-
Well, we will chat again over the weekend.
I look forward to our next conversation.
Lindsey's mama-Linda
> From: Nancy Cole
> To: SignWriting List
> Subject: Re: Chami
> Date: Friday, June 02, 2000 7:13 AM
> Hi again,
> It was really great hearing from you again. I love reading from the sign
> list, and it's wonderful to hear from our parents of Deaf/HH children.
> That's funny about you living in Alaska, because I wanted to work there
> the Deaf Institute. I found out they use a Bilingual approach, and I
> want to be apart of that. Our school program is moving so slow, and I
> it difficult to team teach with teachers who use SEE (Signing Exact
> I team teach alot better with hearing teachers in a normal classroom,
> my students. I might be doing that next year for 1/2 day. There is such
> diversity (some good some bad) at our school, and the Deaf students are
> always left out of things, and I'm hoping for a change. But I received a
> application from Anchorage, Alaska, and I've still not filled it out. I
> 3 kids and haven't decided how I would move them and where we could
> stay. I have just started using Sign Writing with my students, but it
> incorporates Bilingual Education, while using ASL the native language of
> Deaf in promoting English literacy. I teach English as a second language
> my students, but I never use SEE to explain it which I have seen in the
> classes. I feel comfortable explain English grammar in ASL. For my
> this is a first, and SW is helping so much!
> Ok, alittle about myself. I wasn't born Deaf, but Hard of
> what I say because even though my hearing was severe enough to not
> speech I had parents that didn't sign, and I never knew there were any
> I thought I was not normal. I learned written English through the help
of my
> Father, and that goes for Speech too. I only speak directly using my
> to my Parents and to my kids who are hearing. I find myself very
> using my voice in public situations, and it doesn't feel like I am
> without my hands. I got so tired of people giving me funny looks and
> my kids "what did she say?" So, I'm more comfortable using pencil and
> communication or interpreter. I didn't meet any Deaf until I was around
> years old. I was extremely surprised to meet another Deaf girl, and I
> excited. But my parents did not want anything to do with sign language
> it's Deaf members, so I didn't see her for long. It wasn't until I was
> years old and with a very young baby girl that I needed to do something
> my life. At home my daughter and I used home signs. My parents who have
> given up on speech therapy have resorted to using out tty to communicate
> each other or pencil and paper. We also have a good friend of my Dad's
> knows alittle sign, so he comes over when I do. They have realized that
> language was important, but now feel it is too late for them to learn. I
> 36 years old and just now finding out about my parents, like having and
> and Uncle whom I never knew exsisted! I just met them last week. So, as
> daughter was growing older I wanted to go back to school and become a
> Teacher. Her real father had left us when she was about a year old.
> Anyways, I met another interpreter who had a Deaf husband. I became
> involved into the Deaf community in Belen, NM, and learned ASL from them
> also from classes at the university. I met my present husband from Deaf
> Camp, and he was very helpful. Richard my husband was born Deaf, also
> usher's syndrome (vision difficulties-nice word to say haha I can't think
> how to explain it, and different story). He grew up in the Deaf
Institute in
> Santa Fe, NM, and helps me very much! He has taught me how to tell
> and so much more. We are both learning how to use Sign Writing. Oh and
> have 3 hearing children. My daughter Krista is now going on 11 years
> and then there is Charlie who is 4, and our baby Shelby is now 4 months
> We use voice with our kids, and we also use ASL. We also fingerspell
> Charlie started fingerspelling when he was 2 years old. Krista is very
> and fingerspells most of her signs. People tend to think she can easily
> translate ASL into English, but when she "interprets" she tends to
> fingerspell. She still doesn't know the ASL translation for many English
> words. We are just now teaching her that, since she has decided she
> like to become an interpreter when she grows up.
> One thing I would strongly suggest is please sign all the time when your
> child is present. Even when you aren't talking to her. I have noticed
> (especially in my classroom with the other hearing teachers) is they
> sign when they talk to each other when I am in the room. It is
> rude to Deaf members, and it's whispering. If you are having a private
> conversation it should be in the hallway, or out of sight from a Deaf
> I have just found out from my assistant at school, that they never
> what they were doing, so I thought perhaps I would pass the tip to you.
> Well, I sure did talk alot here!!! Are you still awake haha I hope it
> too much for you! Anyways, I sure wish I could show you SW there!
> Smile
> Nancy Cole
> Las Cruces, NM

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