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From:  Linda Erickson
Date:  Thu Jun 1, 2000  7:25 pm
Subject:  Chami

I would love to speak and receive messages back from parents and
professionals about deaf children. I have a beautiful, energetic,
ambitious, strong minded five year old daughter whom is profoundly deaf.
Her name is Lindsey.
Lindsey just graduated from 3 years of special ed preschool. Prior to that,
2 1/2 years of the Infant Learning Program.
Lindsey is a very intelligent young girl, who is also gifted with the
non-stop gabbing. I've been told she will learn how to speak, due to her
non stop sounds she makes. She already says many words, but we are still
working with her. Her signing skills are good, and ofcourse, a non-stop
learning process with this.
We believe in total communication anywhere's from ASL to miming. What ever
it takes, we want to help her understand language.
Our other continous factor is teaching her how to read. WE would love to
hear how and what has worked good for others.
Lindsey's hearing loss is 110 to 125 dcb loss in both ears.
She was born with imperfect cochlears, no hair molacules, and so on.
(Cochlear implants at this time, no, we're still not really
interested..Besides, the child needs to be weraing their hearing aids
consitantly, and Lindsey does not. She only has been wearing them at school
and alot of times the teacher will find her with the aids turned off. It
seems to be more of a nuisance then any support/help for her.) And that's
fine. We feel and believe that the good Lord made her this way, and she has
alot of gifts and talents and love to share with the world through her
deafness. We don't believe in conforming to this world as the world would
see it. (So, just to let those folks know before they write back to me
saying stuff about this procedure. Politely saying, "We're not interested
at this time.")
She had a lazy eye at birth also. When we visited a Doctor about this, he
had us take our daughter to a beach daily to walk on the rocks, in this
fashion, it would help equalize her equilibrium. Guess what, it worked.
When I tell other Doctor's about this, their totally amazed. Oh, how I love
simple solutions. No drugs, no surgeries. YES!
So, that is a good start.
I am looking forward from chatting via e-mail with you.
Lindsey's mama-Linda

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