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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sat Jun 3, 2000  4:14 pm
Subject:  Re: Chami


Yes, my parents know that sign also "no," but hard to see the sign "no," when
you don't understand the "why" part :) I don't think I could become an
interpreter since I don't lipread very well. I interpret for my husband only
in situations where he can't see well, but there is another interpreter in
church. She interprets SEE, but I change it to ASL for my husband. That's
the only case I can interpret for. In church the lighting is not very good.
The pastor will be giving me notes from the service, so I can explain more to
my husband. We have a bible class for Deaf. Most hearing go though. We
have a Deaf bible study book for class, and also the video tape is in ASL.
It's pretty good, my church orders it from SBCD I think. That's Southern
Baptist Conference for the Deaf. We go to Calvary Baptist Church, but our
Deaf ministry is non-denominational. I wanted to start a "Deaf" choir, but
it's alot of work, so I only do that for Christmas and special services. I
love to sign songs, it's almost like poetry, but I can feel the beat.

Anyways, my daughter who is 11 (will be on July 4th) wants to become an
interpreter. We are hoping, since there are very few interpreters. She has
been "interpreting" for us since she was 4 years old, and it wasn't
intentionally. Sometimes, we get very strange people on the phone and she
answers it most of the time since it is hearing people that call. It was
funny when we went to Casa Deaf HH workshop in Albuq,, and we needed room
service. The kids were starving and they didn't have a tty in the hotel
room, so my daughter called to have a pizza ordered for us. She had to call
5 times, and she was very mad at me for having her call back. I finally
figured out by the 5th time that the reason why they wouldn't accept her
order was that she had a childs' voice, so I didn't think about it, but she
never said she was calling for her mom. That's the last time I do that
again! But she likes to help us and we try to have more control, and have to
remind her alot that we are the parents.

Anyways, here I go again!!! Sorry, I love talking to parents with Deaf/HH
children ha!
I guess because I'm a parent myself, but Deaf adult with hearing children.
Here in New Mexico, we also have what is called STEP HI where people like
myself and my husband go visit parents of Deaf/HH children and teach them
about Deaf Culture and how to read to their children.

Well, I had better go, my daughter Shelby she is hungry again and very
demanding of my attention! I might just send my application for teaching
back to Anchorage just to show them sign writing!

Nancy Cole
Las Cruces, NM

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