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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sun Jun 4, 2000  2:10 pm
Subject:  Re: Chami

Good Morning!

I woke up early, so I could wash before we go to Roswell. We will be
visiting my Mother-in-law, I call her just Mom. I love to go visit her
because she is the only one in Richard's family that signs (besides his 2
Deaf sisters and 2 Deaf cousins). No one in my family signs, so it's a
relief. My sister-in-law will be there too. All of Richard's sisters and
cousins attended New Mexico School for the Deaf. Just recently, his cousin
Edwin moved to Texas with his wife and kids. We miss them very much. If we
had our way we would have moved to Roswell, but ahhh well, they aren't ready
for a Deaf Teacher there. The educational system there is very old
fashioned, in fact, when I applied for work there they were surprised that I
was Deaf and would even think about applying there uummm. Anyways, we will
be leaving after church and staying for a whole week. We have also a Deaf
ministry in Alamagordo. All of the Deaf there will be meeting on Saturday
for fun and bible services. I will ask my pastor about how to get missionary
work. He is also Deaf. He was my pastor when I lived in Belen, NM, but then
I moved here to Las Cruces for college and to get my Master's Degree in Deaf
Education, but he still comes here once a month to preach. I just saw him
last night, but I'll email him and ask. He could probably ask SBCD about
sending me and my family for missionary work for a week or two, or more, we
will see what happens. We will be working at Deaf Camp this year and it will
be at Sievell's campsite June 24, 25, 26 and 27. I teach the beginning sign
class and Richard teaches the advanced for hearing parents or interpreters.
Then the kids have their things during the day, crafts, horses, swimming,
bible classes. My kids have a wonderful time, and it is not only for Deaf/HH
kids. We include hearing kids as well, like siblings who have Deaf/HH
brothers or sisters and CODA (children of Deaf Adults) my kids. We
have people from all over the continent come because this is a one time thing
and our friends are spread out all over the place. Then later there is
Apache Creek Deaf Camp. It will be my first time there, but my husband has
gone there and he has always had a wonderful time. Then we have SBCD in July
31 to Aug 4th. 40 dollars a week per person and that's in Glorieta, NM. It's
a beautiful place and usually there are up to 230 Deaf that go there. I will
see where there are Deaf Adults around where you live, and let you know.

Well, I'll be gone for a whole week! It's the first vacation I'll have since
I started college!! My husband and I are going to show my "Mom" sign
writing, and teach her a little bit. I hope you get the chance to learn
about SW because it is very helpful for learning reading. Your daughter will
pick it up quick!

Well, I better run...I'll talk to you when I come back on Sunday! Have a
wonderful week!!

Nancy Cole
Las Cruces, NM

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