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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jun 8, 2000  5:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Lessons In Sign Language Transcription

At 12:41 AM +0200 6/7/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Hi Valerie,
>itīs simply great !
>I checked the homepage and was so impressed !!
>Thank you very very much for your job!
>Stefan ;-)

SignWriting List
June 8, 2000

Thank you, Stefan, for your kind words. I hope this information will
be useful to all of you.

I would suggest once again looking on the web. I have just posted
more pages. Start at:

...and then continue for four pages or so....

And I want to thank ALL of you for your written contributions to the
course - as you can see I am moving slowly but surely towards
commenting on all of your writing ....

Here is the next section:

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Size: 14k

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