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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Mon Jun 19, 2000  4:06 pm
Subject:  Re: Wrong diagram attached before...

Hello Valerie and Everyone!

Valerie asked :

> Do you feel a facial expression is necessary with this sign? If so,
> how would you write it? ;-)

Thank you very much for your question !

Well, - Im not sure. When I did the transcription some weeks ago I thought
that the facial expression is not necessary with this sign. But now -
;-) ) just because you ask for the possibility - I can imagine that this
lifting of the eyebrows or the wrinkled forehead can serve as a kind of
In DGS many sentences start like this - lifting the eyebrows.
So I looked up the chapter 10 (Facial Expressions) in your wonderfull
"Lessons in SignWriting" Textbook and Workbook and compared the different

I am not able to identify all the differences . Would be great to have a
typical foto for every kind of variation. !!!
(I can offer some fotos of facial expressions - if you want to ! So I would
understand what is the difference between Eyebrows up - down - inside -
outside -- who is able to show all kind of eyebrowmovements. ?? )

I picked the eyebrow -up expression - Im interested what other people
would choose if they had to !;-) (The wrinkled forehead is an alternativ
because the eyebrows of this signer look almost alike on so many frames ?? )

Look forward for your answers

All the best

Stefan ;-)

facial expressions frame 2.jpg
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Size: 10k

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