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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 18, 1998  9:23 am
Subject:  Re: Start Your Own SW Web Site?

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998 Charles Butler wrote:
Happy to do so. Is there an easy translation system built into
SignWriter 5.0 to translate a full page into .gif files or will scanning
be the easier way to go to begin with? I'm not sure which software my
roommate's scanner produces, .gif., .bmp, or .jpg.

This is a technical message for those interested in creating SignWriting
web sites. Of course there are many ways to go about this. But in regards
to scanning, which you mention above...

It is not necessary to scan the SignWriting - in fact I would advise
against scanning, since you will never get good quality SignWriting that
way. The process I follow when creating SignWriting web pages is:

1. I type the document in SignWriter 4.3.

2. If I am on an IBM or compatible machine (which is rare), I export the
file while in the SignWriter program, to a .pcx file. That is a feature in
our program. Then I close SignWriter and open the .pcx file in a paint
program and fix it up a little - there are jagged edges and you can fix it
up in the paint program if you want the SignWriting to look gorgeous - plus
I then move the signs into vertical columns in the paint program.

3. I then "copy" the SignWriting in vertical columns and paste it into
Photoshop. In Photoshop I create the GIF file and then place it into the
web design as a GIF.

4. I am a Macintosh user, and we have two different kinds of Macs in our
office. If I am on our old Mac, I run my MS-DOS programs with SoftPC. The
other Mac in our office has a built-in IBM-PC card, so I do not need SoftPC
- I can just switch over to the IBM side of the Mac and run MS-DOS
simultaneously while using the Mac.

When using the Mac, I would suggest typing three lines of SignWriting in
SignWriter, and then "capturing the screen" and pasting the screen capture
into a Mac paint program. It is faster than creating the .pcx file on the
Mac because the screen capture places the file in Mac format immediately,
but the .pcx file is really an MS-DOS file and doesn't always open in all
Macintosh paint programs. So I would suggest the screen capture method on
the Mac.

So that is how I am doing the SignWriting diagrams on our web site at the
moment - of course there are other ways to go, and new methods in the

Best -

Valerie :-)


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