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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sun Jun 25, 2000  10:14 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting can inspire speech....

Wow, great answer! That I would expect since I have read many of your posts!
From what I know is that English is the hardest most difficult language to
learn. As a Deaf individual, yes I would have to agree. I have seen my
friends who are Deaf live in Mexico and can speak Spanish very well. One of
my friends told me that Spanish was easier to see on the lips. I'm not sure,
since I am not spanish, but I have learned some spanish. I remember when I
was young that I was very excited to speak, but later when I was told to
order my own food or something I always got so embarrassed, and when I was 16
years old my father told me I didn't have to learn it anymore! I think he
expected me to continue on my own haha or he was just so fustrated in
teaching me! I think many hearing parents do not understand the fustrations
in saying words like "cake" and actually having it sound like cake ha! My
husband can say Pepsi so clear (also the dirty words!), so I guess that is
what I call our survival words:) But if kids are willing to try, I'd say
"great"! My students have speech therapy too, and I try to be encouraging
with their voice. Also, I try to get them to go out in the real world too,
and I emphasize writing at that time, since hearing people tend to
misunderstand speech.

But I'm German easier to learn lip reading than English?
another of my 2 cents huh?


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