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From:  Ingvild Roald
Date:  Mon Jun 26, 2000  9:12 am
Subject:  Re: Article about Cued Speech

>From: Cecelia Smith
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>Subject: Re: Article about Cued Speech
>Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 15:47:17 EDT
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> writes:
><< Has Cued Speech blended at all with ASL? >>
>It has been my observation that no,,,it has not. In fact, 2 years ago at
>Gallaudet one of the graduate students did a study of adults who had been
>raised with cued speech...and found that most of them did not use it as
>adults and instead relied more on ASL and writing.
>I do not remember the particulars... but once Joe M. gets settled into
>Gallaudet, perhaps he can look up the research project. :)

Regarding Cued Speech, it has not been much in use here in Norway. But when
Norway switched to 'the German Method' after the infamous Milan meeting more
than a hundred years ago, that method contained some handshapes to follow
the speech and facilitate the lipreading. These handshapes have certainly
influenced the Norwegian Sign Language of today, as we had a strict rule of
oralism for almost one hundred years all over the country, and very few deaf
families to keep a living tradition of origianl NSL. So our most common sign
for 'mother' is the index finger pressed to the nostril (sorry, I don't have
the programs to make GIFs at this computer), and many signs that have
word-names beginning with an N go outwards from the nose. Also, many nouns
have moutshapes borrowed from spoken Norwegian.


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