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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Tue Jun 27, 2000  5:15 am
Subject:  Re: Chami

Hi Linda and Lindsey!

That's wonderful to hear you had a great time and going to Galludet soon!!!
That is wonderful! I went there when my daughter was 4 years old, now she is
almost 11! I would have loved to go to College there than here in NM. I
wasn't able to go to SBCD this past weekend, we just didn't have the money to
go, but we will go to Deaf Camp on July 31 till Aug 4. We don't have to pay
for ourselves to go since we will be teaching sign language to parents and
adults, so only have to pay for the kids. I can hardly wait! It will be
nice to see everyone!

Krista my daughter just came back from a hearing camp. The church had
invited her to go ,and she has never gone to a hearing camp. She had a
wonderful time, so I think we will send her again next year. She has been
going to Deaf camp since she was 2years old, thought she might need a change.
She will be going to another camp to interpret for a Deaf child around her
age. She is really excited about that and we are trying to get her prepared.
I'm alittle worried, since she fingerspells alot, but it will be a good
experience, since she has been "interpreting" for us since she was 4 years
old. We didn't have a tty for almost 5 years, but we still get alot of
hearing people calling that don't understand our relay message. You should
have seen when we went to Casa Deaf/HH workshop and we stayed in the hotel.
They didn't have a tty and the kids were hungry, so we wanted to order room
service. They refuse to give us room service because Krista was calling. I
had to talk in the phone myself before they finally believed that her mother
and father were Deaf! Funny, never went through that before:)

If you are up to surfing the net, you can find lots of Deaf camps there. Use
the keyword Deaf Ministies, and go from there. I have a web site address,
but I forgot it. When I find it I'll send it.

Well, better get to bed before the youngest wakes up! Great to have you
back!! Oh and I did ask about going to Alaska for Deaf Ministry, and my
pastor said he would see what can be done.

Nancy Cole
Las Cruces, NM

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