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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jun 27, 2000  2:31 pm
Subject:  Re: Chami, & SignWriting in Alaska

At 12:31 AM -0800 6/4/00, Linda Erickson wrote:
>Thats a definate yes.
>I made a copy of this and will transfer it on to the school. (The teacher
>is now on summer break but will return some time in August.)
>This is great.
>Valerie, I really apprieciate your dedication and love for this and for
>getting it out to all those that are in need of a better
>knowledge/environment of communication. Thank you and thank you to all that
>helped you.

SignWriting List
June 27, 2000

Hello SW List Members, and Linda!

Welcome back, Linda, from your trip.

And thank you for the very nice message above. I am so hopeful that
perhaps we can start a SignWriting Literacy Project in Alaska?....So
please keep us informed what happens with the teachers there....when
they find out it will cost them nothing, except time, perhaps they
will be open to it ;-)

Meanwhile, Linda, I would like to ask you a favor?

There is a Deaf adult named Cynthia Andeson, who is interested in
learning SignWriting at home. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Her
sister, Jennifer, wrote this to me:


Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 23:06:42 -0800
To: SignWriting List
Subject: Do you have to have a teacher?

My sister, who is 45 years old and wishes to homeschool, will this
program work for her alone?

She loves your idea and wants to learn.

I work full time and time is limited.

Cynthia's sister


I was wondering...if I sent Cynthia some donated SignWriting
materials, would you be willing to teach her a little? I know you are
new to SignWriting, but it may be fun - a way to share. And your
daughter, who will most likely learn SignWriting quickly, just might
benefit from getting to know another Deaf person in Anchorage...

I am guessing that Cynthia is multiply handicapped - I am not sure of
that, but it is possible that as a Deaf adult her reading levels in
English are low...but SignWriting might be a joy to her, and to you
and Lindsey too...

Just a thought - And welcome home once again -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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