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From:  Linda Erickson
Date:  Sun Jun 4, 2000  8:31 am
Subject:  Re: Chami

Hi Valerie,
Thats a definate yes.
I made a copy of this and will transfer it on to the school. (The teacher
is now on summer break but will return some time in August.)
This is great.
Valerie, I really apprieciate your dedication and love for this and for
getting it out to all those that are in need of a better
knowledge/environment of communication. Thank you and thank you to all that
helped you.

> From: Valerie Sutton
> To: SignWriting List
> Subject: Re: Chami
> Date: Saturday, June 03, 2000 6:57 AM
> At 11:25 AM -0800 6/1/00, Linda Erickson wrote:
> >Our other continous factor is teaching her how to read. WE would love to
> >hear how and what has worked good for others.
> SignWriting List
> June 3, 2000
> Hello Linda - Thanks for your great introduction. Your daughter
> sounds like a wonderful child!
> The teachers who responded to you, are all using SignWriting as a
> part of their literacy curriculums.
> If you inform your daughter's teachers about the SignWriting Literacy
> Project, they may want to participate:
> -------------------------------
> The SignWriting Literacy Project
> The SignWriting Literacy Project is pioneering a new concept in Deaf
> Education. SignWriting books, videos and software are donated to
> classes of Deaf students. In return, teachers, students and parents
> provide documented feedback. The results are published on the
> SignWriting Web Site and in an annual SignWriting Literacy Project
> Report, distributed to educators.
> SignWriting is a way to read, write and type any signed language. All
> materials donated to the schools are written in American Sign
> Language (ASL), authored by Deaf native ASL signers. The SignWriting
> videos are taught in ASL with English voice-over. Fluency in reading
> and writing American Sign Language is used as a bridge to teach
> written English. Although this is a new project, feedback is already
> coming in, and the results are positive.
> The project began in 1998. Below are some sample web pages about one
> participating school.
> Would you like your school to participate? Your students must be Deaf
> and use Sign Language. One teacher must be online, so they can
> receive technical support through email.
> Write for more information:
> The SignWriting Literacy Project
> The DAC, Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
> P.O. Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
> Voice(858)456-0098...TTY(858)456-0010...Fax(858)456-0020
> Email:
> Web:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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