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From:  Ronald Zapien
Date:  Sun Sep 20, 1998  2:19 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting Flashcards

Valerie, the only part I could not for the life of me figure out using the
knowledge I already have is the last big card. Everything else is clear and to
boot, I was able to explain what the symbols meant to my husband who does not
know any ASL to speak of--only simple exposure. I've never studied sign
writing--this is on my Fall agenda--however it's clear to me that if you
understand the signs prior to coming in contact with SignWriting, you can
easily pick up SignWriting. Cheryl

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> 9/19/98
> Hi Everyone -
> I sent ten sets of flashcards to ten different people last Thursday, so
> some of you may be receiving them now. As you know, this was just an
> experiment - in around three hours I created an idea for flashcards that I
> am hoping may be useful to the teacher of second graders at Texas School
> for the Deaf, who requested more materials.
> The truth is...I have no idea if they will be useful or not! They are based
> on the books that the teachers already received through the SignWriting
> Literacy Project. Those of you who are not teachers in that project may
> find the cards a little harder, especially if you do not already know
> SignWriting!
> But...perhaps it will stimulate you to learn SignWriting...I hope so. There
> are free lessons online on our web site - so the opportunity is always
> there for you.
> Also you will notice some jagged edges on the enlarged SignWriting diagrams
> on the flashcards. I am well aware they are there! It would have taken me
> hours to clean those jagged edges up, and since I don't even know if the
> flashcards will be useful or not, I wanted to wait to see your reaction
> before I invest more time. But if some of you want them I can go back to
> the drawing board and give you better artwork :-)
> Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
> All the best -
> Valerie :-)
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