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From:  Ronald Zapien
Date:  Sun Sep 20, 1998  2:14 pm
Subject:  Re: Advanced SignWriting Materials

I just received all the things you sent in the mail Valerie. Thank you. I sat
down and initially tried to decode some of the materials using what little
knowledge I had (the stuff in the info pack). Wow, I was surprised at how I
was able to pick up the code. I send you more input as I have time to look at
the materials and work with them. I am also going to use my 8 year old as a
guinea pig as well. Ciao, Cheryl

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Sep 1998 Ben Karlin wrote:
> >While it would be invaluable to assemble a team all in one place
> >(imagine the intellectual energy in that room!) wouldn't it also be
> >possible to take some of the "Performance" and poetry videotapes and
> >transcribe them in order to get some of those more copmplex works?
> >
> >It would be interesting to explore the copyright problems that go along
> >with that. I know that captions get a different copyright then the
> >script on which they are based.
> >
> >I can imagine...., oh, some of the Valli poems transcribed for use in
> >literature classes, for example, ABC stories, etc etc. Anybody got some
> >extra time?
> >Ben Karlin >
> >----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 9/19/98
> Hello Ben and Everyone!
> You make a great point about the transciption of ASL videos and I hope more
> and more of that is done in SignWriting. Actually transcribing video is a
> real art. I have done a lot of transcription in my day - especially foreign
> signed languages. And the detail is rich with the grammer and syntax of the
> language. Oftentimes I go overboard with too many facial expressions when I
> transcribe. It all depends on how much detail you want. Since SignWriting
> can record mime and gesture, there is no reason why we can't write
> everything!
> We have been talking so much about second graders and easy materials, that
> some of you may have forgotten my earlier posting in August about some of
> our more advanced materials, which are transcribed from videotape. When the
> schools feel ready, they are welcome to receive these materials as well.
> Here are two of those books:
> 1. "Learn To Read ASL"
> Goldilocks, Reading Level 3
> Intermediate ASL Reader & Workbook
> Each frame from the videotaped story of Goldilocks is captured and placed
> as a photograph in the book in the sequence of the story. Next to each
> photo, is the written SignWriting for the sign. The SignWriting symbols are
> color-coded in a unique way, to assist in quick reading. This is an
> excellent book for serious SignWriting students. It establishes a firm
> foundation for Reading Level 4. Students also write complete ASL sentences
> for the first time. Over 40 pages. All photos are of Darline Clark
> Gunsauls, who signed the story on the video.
> ________________________
> 2. Goldilocks, Reading Level 4
> Advanced ASL Reader
> Complete story of Goldilocks, based on the videotape: "The SignWriting
> Children's Stories Series", signed by Darline Clark Gunsauls. This is a
> true study in reading ASL grammar, including classifiers, role shifting,
> and eyegaze. All the nuances of ASL were written, showing the visual
> accuracy and flexibility of the SignWriting system. It includes over 40
> pages of SignWriting text with colorful illustrations, and an ASL-English
> dictionary in the back listing the vocabulary used in Reading Level 4. When
> a student can read this book directly in ASL with no hesitation, they are
> truly fluent "SignReaders".
> __________________________
> These two books will be available later this fall -
> All the best -
> Valerie :-)
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