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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jun 29, 2000  2:28 pm
Subject:  Transcription: 2nd sign

SignWriting List
June 29, 2000

Video Transcription Course
....regarding the 2nd sign on the video....

Joe wrote:
(referring to Stefan's writing number 4 on the attached GIF)

> I'm confused about Stefan's
>> movement arrow;

Stefan Woehrmann then responded:
>Thank you for your comment on this! Valerie will probably comment this
>solution as well. What was my idea ?
>The right forarm is up, back of the hand facing you - (see gif "start ")
>now the hand and (I think the arm as well in its endposition ) moves into a
>vertikal positon (gif "end") Now - what kind of movement is it if you
>concentrate on the fingertips - while the elbow keeps almost in place ? I
>think its kind of quarter circle forward down )
>Therefor I decided to use this movement arrow ? Is it correct Vallerie ?

Valerie is now answering (grin ;-)
Look at the attached GIF. You will see that writing the flexing of
the wrist (bending of the wrist) is a different symbol that writing a
curved movement.

Although the curved movement arrow shows the pattern of the fingers
moving down in space, it actually is not accurate enough, because it
does not show that the wrist is bending.

So I think the information of the wrist-flex is more important.

I know Stefan is very busy with the last week of school and like
everyone, there are times when we cannot focus on courses - so I do
not expect a response on this ;-)

So I think we have analyzed the first two signs enough!!

In a week or so, I will start looking at the third and fourth signs -

Thanks so much, Joe, Wayne, Mark and Stefan, for your input. You know
far more SignWriting than you let on!

Val ;-)

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