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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  11:19 am
Subject:  Peace sign

Regarding message # 3593 and 3591 (in the archives)

I felt this is interesting. Reading this symbol/spelling, there is no
indication that the right hand would turn back over again so that both
palms faced the floor. And Valerie's explanation confirms that we are
reading it right--that doesn't happen, and the hands end one palm up, one
palm down.
Personally, when I sign ASL "peace" I turn my right hand palm
down. Maybe this is a regional variant, or maybe I just do it wrong,(???)
but anyway, when i first read the sign, before i really looked at it,
that is how signed it. (Yeah, I admit it--I tend to read out loud [or
whatever]. Then, when my attention was drawn to it and I went back and
tried to sound it out [or whatever] it just seemed
somehow wrong to do that, even though that is what it said to do. And
Stefan writes that his intuition was the same as mine; somehow,
for some reason, we both felt that the palms should both end
facing down. Hmmmm....
One of the rules of ASL phonology says that if both hands in a sign
move, then they have to be doing the same thing. In my case, that seems
to have something to do with it, but Stefan doesn't know ASL. Sooo...
does German sign Language have that same phonological rule?
If not, what goes on? We are both wanting to pronounce it differently
from the way we both saw it spelled. Yikes!

Joe Martin, Plain Old Ordinary Student
Top Left Corner USA

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