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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jul 3, 2000  4:10 am
Subject:  SignWriting Databases

SignWriting List
July 2, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:

I am working behind the scenes in July. So although I am posting
fewer messages, you will see an announcement from me occasionally...

Here is a new database design I am developing in FileMaker, a
database program used on the Macintosh and Windows. You will be able
to open this database along with other programs and cut, copy and
paste into any other document.

The SymbolBank is my name for the database that lists all of the
symbols in Sutton Movement Writing. It will establish the sequence
for all the symbols. This will make it possible for us to sort by
signs, rather than words.

Later, I will develop a similar database for signs, called SignBank.
The SymbolBank, will "sort" the SignBank...

Well anyway - how does this design look to you? Is it pleasing? Any
other information you feel you would need about each symbol?

By the way - that's my 11-year-old nephew Michael's hand! He has
become a hand model lately ;-)

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Size: 21k

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