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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jul 3, 2000  4:19 am
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

At 6:11 PM -0400 7/2/00, Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:
>I'd suggest you do something similar, Nancy. If your students
>come to a sign that you know is different, just explain that Darline is
>from someplace else (Where, exactly, Valerie?), and write the New Mexico
>equivalent on the board. And maybe assign exercises where the kids write
>sentences in ASL using their own signs.
> How does this sound to some of the teachers on the list, as a way
>of teaching about language variation?

SignWriting List
July 2, 2000

I think this sounds like a great idea, Angus. And thanks for posting
the different signs from New Mexico!

Darline Clark-Gunsauls, the ASL storyteller on the video, is
originally from Fulton School for the Deaf in Missouri, but has since
graduated from Gallaudet and now lives in California! So it is hard
to know how "regional" her signing style is. And storytelling is
really magical, because people tend to understand it well anyway for
other reasons.... Darline used so many facial expressions, gesture
and some mime....and that always helps understanding ....

And just as we all understand others who speak or sign other
dialects, oftentimes people start accepting those differences in the
SignWriting too...

But your idea is a good one, and would really be educational for people.

What are you doing in New York City, Angus? (is that where you are? ;-))

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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