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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Tue Aug 15, 2000  10:35 am
Subject:  Re: writing of left or right angle hand positions


Hi Valerie,

Valerie wrote:

> Some signs may be exceptions to the rules because it simply "feels
> and works better" in another way, and so I want you to keep an "open
> mind" and not be too rigid. All written languages have some
> exceptions to their writing rules...why? Because language cannot be
> regimented into rows - it is based on freedom of expression - and I
> have always kept that in mind while inventing the symbols. That is
> why Deaf children are reading fluently without knowing the details
> behind the system.
> So...when you look at our little ASL dictionary, you will find that
> the native signers who wrote the dictionary wrote without the rules
> that the Parkhurst's established. Those rules began in 1999, and our
> dictionary was written in 1995. So we had no rules at that time..

Exceptions to the rules - kind of different set of rules ? ;-)
if it feels better - why not ? But I guess that it helps to know about these

All Im interested in is to understand what is written. Quite similar to my
little students who have to understand that German is a weard language with
the article that has to be changed just depending on the difficult grammar
rules. Even adult competent speakers are often not aware of these rules and
I bet that there are many many of them who have no chance to define special
rules although they follow their feeling.

The deaf children are reading fluently without knowing the details behind
the system.
Same with the hearing - who are talking without knowing- producing mistakes
in grammar for quite a long time -- but - usually they get lots and lots and
lots of examples of language-examples that are properly formulated - acordig
to the rules of their surounding!

This idea leads me to the consequence that I should try to produce
"well-written" examples of SW - describing the ideas the children express in
their language as soon as possible as much as possible. Before nobody here
around has ever seen texts in SW so we are progressing and looking at the
first texts - hmm shy smile - soooo many spelling - mistakes -
Now Im trying to write even more, to transcribe little picture-books, to
write memory-cards ....
Thanks for your support to improve my SW-documents.

Stefan ;-)

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