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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Aug 21, 2000  4:02 pm
Subject:  Uganda Sign Language Dictionary Project


The Danish Deaf Association has (with funds granted by DANIDA) been
working for 8 years in cooperation with Uganda National Association
of the Deaf (UNAD) to improve the living conditions of deaf people in
Uganda - among other things by supporting the development of Sign

Now we are starting a new five year phase of our cooperation, and one
of the objectives is to make a new comprehensive dictionary of
Ugandan signs, collected from all over the country.

A dynamic initiator:

We are looking for a dynamic project manager, who for two years will
be stationed in Uganda, and who will be responsible for the day to
day management of the dictionary project. The last three years of the
project phase the PM will be linked to the project as an advisory
consultant (on a part time basis) - among other things (s)he is
expected to be able to pay one annual visit to Uganda to follow up on
the dictionary work.

During the time of stationing, the PM will be given office space at
UNISE (Uganda National Institute of Special Education) which
cooperates with UNAD in SL research and SL interpreter training. The
PM will be head of a SL dictionary team, consisting of a Ugandan
counterpart (a senior staff member from UNISE) and two SL research

The main responsibility for the PM will be to initiate, lead and
coordinate all activities in relation to the Dictionary work.

(S)he will also be expected to:

lecture for the students at UNISE
participate in meetings with the steering committee of the SL
dictionary project
assist in the development of teaching materials


We are seeking a person with a university degree in linguistics, Sign
Language or other relevant area, and with experience in Sign Language
Dictionary work. Besides experience in development assistance work is
required - preferably working experience from Africa.

The person should be fluent in English and in at least one Sign
Language. Experience in international sign communication would be an
advantage, and so would teaching experience and knowledge of SL
interpreter training.

Practical information:

Project period: July 2000 - June 2005
Period of stationing: October/November 2000 - October/November 2002
Free house (fully furnished) and car during the time of stationing.
Salary according to qualifications and agreement with Danish Deaf Association.
Please submit your written application to Danish Deaf Association,
Rantzausgade 60, 1, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

We need to receive it no later than September 1st, 2000.

For more information please contact Secretariat Director: Helle
Skjoldan, Danish Deaf Association - on email:

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