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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Wed Aug 23, 2000  3:18 am
Subject:  Re: Pledge Alligiance in SW


Oops, I meant various types of styles of signing the Pledge. My husband went
to Deaf school in Santa Fe and the Deaf Teacher signed it differently,
because I think he wanted to make it more formal. Anyways, I asked the
interpreters at my school how they would sign the pledge and I've seen so
many versions. I wish there was a way I could show you, but can't, sorry,
and it's so hard to explain. The way I sign is when I gloss the ASL it is
like this... Flag-U-S-A, promise support me and so forth but I've seen
the interpreters sign it almost word for word except with some ASL signs. I
definatley don't want to confuse my students, but I really want them
understand what they are saying, so I thought it might help by writing it in
SW using ASL. So, anyone who could help me pllllllleeeeeaaaaassssse do:) I
wish I could see the pledge in Germany, that would be nice for my students to
see also.


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