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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 8, 2000  5:02 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Report, September 8, 2000

SignWriting List
September 8, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:
I hope you all are well....and as busy....and as happy as I am ;-)

Thank you very much for your private messages. I look forward to
answering them all....

I am sure you have noticed that I have not been posting messages on
the SignWriting List lately. There are not enough hours in the day to
accomplish everything simultaneously!

I love posting messages on the SignWriting List, and I really miss
the communication. And I look forward to posting more messages in

I will try, in this report, to summarize some of the events that are
so time-consuming for me at present...

1. Sutton True-Type Fonts for Fingerspelling
Michael Everson, the designer of the Sutton fonts, is busily working
on the Macintosh versions. I am still working on other aspects of
these fonts, such as instruction etc. We hope that the fonts will all
be ready in October, for both Windows and Macintosh. Jerry Spillman
is also helping, and we are grateful to you, Jerry...Thank you
Michael and Jerry...;-)

2. Special Computer Programming in Brazil
In time there will be an announcement about this important work,
being done in the southern part of Brazil. In the long run, the work
being done will be a gift to every country. I am working with the
Brazilians through email now. On my end it is time consuming, because
they need the Sign-Symbol-Sequence from me, and that includes every
symbol that exists in the SignWriting system. There are thousands of
symbols, and the Sequence has changed several times in the past
decade, especially regarding Facial Expression symbols. So I need to
work on the Sequence, to make sure the Brazilian programmers have
what they need....This will influence SignWriting software being
developed all over the world....

3. SignWriting Databases
The work with the Brazilians on the Sign Symbol Sequence will involve
new databases too, which I hope to post on the SignBankSite in time...

4. A wonderful article published in Brazil about SignWriting
There is a terrific article published in Portuguese in a Brazilian
educational publication about SignWriting - I need to write to the
author to receive permission to post it, and when I have that
permission, I will share it with you all of course! This will turn
into a new web posting about all that is happening in Sao Paulo,
which is a separate SignWriting project...there are several groups
working with SignWriting in Brazil...Brazil is a place of great
beauty, and SignWriting and DanceWriting have both been blessed by
Brazilian creativity ;-)

5. Conversations with Germany, Brazil and Ireland
The long distance telephone has been ringing lately, with wonderful
conversations from other countries. I asked Stefan in Germany to call
me and ask technical questions on the phone, since I was not able to
answer all the questions on the SignWriting List. If there are others
who are in desparate need for technical help, do not hesitate to call
me. My voice phone is: 858-456-0098. My TTY is: 858-456-0010, or fax
me at 858-456-0020.

6. Italian Sign Language
There will be a new posting this Fall on my work with the Italians :-)....

7. Japanese Fingerspelling
This has been great work, and when we are done, I will share it all
with you - I am looking forward to working with Japan on writing
their fingerspelling, and Japanese Sign Language too...

So please know that I am with you all in spirit - and feel free to
call me anytime!

I also hope that some of you will write reports to the SignWriting
List about your work with SignWriting. Each report is archived in the
SignWriting List Archives, and will be read by others.

My very best wishes -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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