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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sun Sep 10, 2000  12:52 am
Subject:  Re: cued speech and SW flash-cards

I have one student in my class that has a CI. The parents are very impressed
with Austin and his speech, but others outside his family can't understand
his speech. He is almost ready to go to middle school next year, but can't
seem to get past 3rd grade reading. He is in my class, but the other teacher
who uses SEE works with him. He got very mad last week when she told him
that airplanes have a "tail." He doesn't have an understanding what he is
reading which is sad, and also his parents were very happy that he got the
CI. I guess there is positives and negatives, though I haven't heard that
many positives. I just couldn't imagine doing that to my kids, ever. In my
view it would be like forcing my kids to be deaf like my husband and I.
Richard wanted to know how old your kids had mentioned 1st and 2nd
grade...I was shocked to see them so young with CI's. We don't see that
often here.

Anyways, I am also working with my kids in SW and they are doing so great!!!
I'm even spending more time with it, and Richard and I are enjoying ourselves
learning. Interesting report Stephan, very interesting and neat to here all
of the stuff you are doing!


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