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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Sep 10, 2000  1:42 pm
Subject:  Re: cued speech and SW flash-cards

>I just prepared one of my flash-cards on cued speech and would like to share
>it with you.
>Any ideas ?
>The girl on the photo is one of my new students ;-)
>Stefan ;-)

SignWriting List
September 10, 2000

Dear SW List Members and Stefan -
Thanks for the great report, and lovely picture and diagrams. What a
great job you are doing. I bet your student is pleased to see her
picture on the flashcard!

These flashcards are wonderful Stefan, and it would be fun to do the
same format or design for signs too...(.when there are more hours in
the day - ha! )

Mouth movements can be written in SignWriting too, having nothing to
do with Cued Speech.

So I have attached two mouth movements commonly used in signed
languages. There are several ways to write them...this is simply one

Have a great Sunday everyone! Val ;-)

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