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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sun Sep 10, 2000  1:55 pm
Subject:  Re: cued speech and SW flash-cards

I really like the flashcards! I think they will help very much, and I think
I'm going to steal your idea haha!

My kids are part of the lucky few whose parents have finally decided that
Signed English was not benefiting their children in their education. They go
to speech every morning, but the emphasis is sign language. We have an
interpreter for my kids, but the SEE class does not. It's interesting to
hear what you do in your classroom though. I haven't seen cued speech in any
of the schools here. I think they are trying to change to a bilingual
education here, but not many are succeeding because they don't want to
change. But I really like your flashcards. I will plan to use for my kids

Oh, I have to tell you all about Donny! Donny is going into 6th grade next
year, and I had him for the first time in my class last year. Last year, I
was really hesistant about using SW, because I didn't know exactly what to
do. However, this year I'm going headlong (RIchard too, he helps me 2 days a
week). Donny has a behavor disorder and he has a very difficult time with
memorizing words. So now with spelling practice on Mondays I write the words
on the board, and then ask him if he knows the words. Most of the time he
doesn't unless it's with a picture. After I show him the word we draw the
sign. Well, we finish all 10 words and I erased the board. He copied all of
the ten words from memory to his spelling book with SW! He remembered first
the SW for the word and he wrote down the English word! I was amazed! He is
doing so well

Ok, I've finished my bragging ha! I wish we could educate parents and
Doctors concerning CI. It's a very sticky situation, and leaves many Deaf to
tears. It isn't something we support. Parents of Deaf children always ask
me how I feel about the CI, and it's hard not to have my opinion in the
matter. I try to give the pro's and con's, but it's not easy to stay
neutral. I'm supportive if it is a decision that an adult has made, but
angry that a young child has it. Deaf feel that we are not "broken" and need
to be "fixed." But I am happy that you have these two children in your class
now, instead of them waiting until much later to use SL.

Thanks for the flashcard idea!!!!


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