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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Mon Sep 11, 2000  12:47 am
Subject:  The sign Drove

Hi everyone,

It's me again, yes I know I'm such a pest! Richard and I are still
struggling with our information on some of the signs for SW. We already have
the pledge done for the kids, and we are working on some books. We have a
question, or some silly questions probably, but thought we would ask the sign
list. We are having problems with the sign "drove." I was curious if we
should add the facial expression with that sign, since it is different than
"drive." Also, we thought well maybe we should put it down as
"drive-finish," but it doesn't look right that way. Do you have several
versions I could look at and see if one would fit? Any comments

Valarie I hope you start feeling better:)

Smile everyone

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