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From:  "Angus B. Grieve-Smith"
Date:  Wed Sep 20, 2000  1:14 am
Subject:  Re: Acrobat converts .ps files into .pdf files

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> So I downloaded the shareware - thanks sooooo much Angus! Without you,
> we would be nowhere....I am truly grateful -

Not a problem. It took a while to get that file myself!

> When I open tells me it is set up for LPT1...but
> Jerry and Stefan used I have to figure it out some more - I
> don't know how to change it to LPT2 - that is how MS-DOS illiterate I
> am!

That's nothing to do with DOS; in fact one of the problems with
DOS is that everything had its own solution. The solution for prn2file is
that you put /p# after the command: "prn2file /p2 filename" for LPT2:,
"prn2file /p3 filename" for LPT3:.

Have fun.

-Angus B. Grieve-Smith
Linguistics Department
University of New Mexico

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