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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Wed Sep 20, 2000  2:47 am
Subject:  ACROBAT Files

Dear Valerie and List,

Thanks to Stuart, Bill, Stefan, Angus and likely a few I missed here,
for all the good information relating to .pdf files.

Unfortunately, Distiller requires a printer file to convert into a .pdf,
whether it be a .prn, .ps, or whatever, and you fellows are correct that
we will still need to use prn2file so that we can get a .ps out of a
..sgn. However, the results of this process seem to be acceptable for
now, until we have our new program. We need to get support ($$$) up for
SW so that we can move forward!

I am making two files available on my public ftp site, so if anyone
wants to download them, just click on the links here or go to the site
with your ftp software.

How to use the "Ghost" programs to produce .pdf files form SignWriter v.

How to use Acrobat Distiller to produce .pdf files from SignWriter v.

The first file shows site urls where you can pick up the
freeware/shareware you need to augment SignWriter in this effort.


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