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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 29, 2000  12:42 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting at Gallaudet

At 11:38 PM +0000 9/28/00, joe martin wrote:
>Hi Valerie;
>I went into the library and talked with Priscilla today. They seemed
>not to have any idea what SW was even.I pulled up the website on
>their computer and showed them. She asked if the dictionary was
>Signed English (sigh) I put in a plug for SW; they took my e-mail
>address and told me they would keep me posted about it.


SignWriting List
September 28, 2000

Hello Joe, and Everyone on the SW List...

Thank you Joe, for doing that...I assure you, even if they had never
heard of it, you have helped in the can they know about
it, if people do not speak up and ask for it?

But let us also look at the facts. Priscilla O'Donnell at the
Gallaudet Bookstore (not the library) just ordered $700 worth of
dictionaries in SignWriting. They sent me a purchase order on
Gallaudet stationery! I shipped them on September 26th. There were
four boxes, a total of 20 thick notebooks ordered...they ordered the
"Sutton's American Sign Language Dictionary"...and they seemed to
know it was in SignWriting...

Plus Priscilla wrote a very positive letter to me, requesting to
review all of our videos, and told me that after October 15th, they
plan to review them...but this has NOTHING to do with the has to do with book sales through the bookstore.

So I can hardly believe that Priscilla didn't know about SignWriting,
when she has written letters and email messages to me...was it
Priscilla O'Donnell you spoke with?

Plus, humorously enough, the Library has purchased several
SignWriting books and videos in the past, so either they don't know
what is in their Library, or they didn't ever put the items on the

But this is the very reason why speaking up helps time it
will catch on if you encourage them to look at the web site -

Many thanks, Joe!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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