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From:  cmf
Date:  Fri Sep 29, 2000  5:33 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting at Gallaudet & other places

And some 'voices' about SignWriting from other places besides

I agree with Nancy. Why not ask the younger members of the Signing
Community what they think about SignWriting? So there are two locations
in New Mexico, in school settings, where DHH students are learning to
read and write signs using SignWriting, Albuquerque and Las Cruses. They
like it! They are waving their papers in the air too but not in a
dismissing's more like..." look at what I wrote...and I can
read it....isnt' it great"?

I've had the opportunity to talk with two deaf adults this week about
SignWriting. They are both parents of students in our DHH program site
in Albq Public schools. Both ask 'Why' are we using SW? Both wanted to
know...'will it help the kids learn English'? Both listened to my
responses. Both took 'more than a few minutes', to look at examples of
SignWriting that are displayed around the classroom, on the school
walls, at the SignWriting materials we have from DAC, and at the
computer, the SignWriter program. Both had those confused expressions at
first 'reading'. Both had those...'oh, now I can see/read/recognize'
expressions too. Both kind of admitted, that their kids would probably
get better at reading and writing signs than they would. However,
neither parent indicated that they would not support the
teaching/learning of Signwriting.

Admitting also...there are those 'doubting' voices re. SignWriting, (and
often not articulated out loud) in and about our school, but I think
it's more related to 'confusions' and 'doubts' about their own
abilities. As for the kids....they tell us they 'can' and they 'do' read
and write signs. Let them!

Cecilia Flood

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