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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 29, 2000  9:28 pm
Subject:  Re: article

September 29, 2000
SignWriting List

Dear SW List Members!
I am happy to tell you that Shannon Casey is correct. The article Joe
Martin requested has now been published, and it can be read and
accessed on the web.

Go to:

John Benjamins Publishing

and scroll down and click on:

Sign Language & Linguistics
1999 - 2

There you will find:

Researcher's Resources
V. Sutton
SignWriting:On the occasion of its 25th anniversary November 1999

And when you click on the title of the article, it downloads a .PDF
file IF you are already a member of their I have to become
a member to download it and I have not done that yet -

I look forward to reading it myself!

Thanks for telling us, Shannon.

Val ;-)

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