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From:  cmf
Date:  Sat Sep 30, 2000  6:37 pm
Subject:  Re: SW helps to express students thoughts

Stefan and Nancy,

I've been trying to think of comments about DHH kids 'risking' and
expressing themselves using SignWriting. I guess we've been using the
computer program more than handwriting to compose texts written in signs
with the kids. One example of the 'risk taking' happen this week. It was
Deaf Awareness week and we had cut out some pictures of 'famous' Deaf
personalities. One of them was 'the Hulk' character from an old TV show.
We were going to write a caption for the picture. Andy chose to compose
his comment about Lou Ferrigno, the Deaf actor who played that role, on
the computer. I thought I was 'facilitating' a signed dictation but
quickly was dismissed by Andy. He did not want the sign for 'strong'
that we accessed from the SW dictionary. He wanted to 'write' his own
sign for 'strong'. He assured me....'bless him'..."I know, I know, I
know". He sat in front of the monitor and searched for the symbols that
he wanted...the full body figure and added lines to make elbows and
shapes for the fists...etc. He wanted to add the facial symbol too but
we ran out of time. More assurance from a confident kid..."save, yes !"
So...the risk taking, whose is it?....maybe we need to take risks...and
let the kids explore and experiment and do their thing with learning to
'write' signs.


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