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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sat Sep 30, 2000  9:20 pm
Subject:  Re: SW helps to express students thoughts

Oh, that is a wonderful idea with the characters! Richard and I think after
we write down a lesson on the board then the kids could come up with the
signs on their own. We almost do this, but we thought maybe we would extend
it. I think the kids would do alot more if we had the computer program. But
right now we have a new boss, and so I'm back to square one. This is getting
so fustrating! Anyways, I kind of wish we had the program in windows
instead of dos. If there is a program in windows I hope I find out quickly!
I still have alot to learn working with Dos. I learn when I play, and I
don't play much with Dos:) SOOOOOOO you had Deaf Awareness at your school?
That's great! We had it at our school too, and we are still making our time
line. We are trying to put up alot of SW pictures, but I only own half the
room ha! You know about the other half:) I'm trying to get my kids to go to
your school. Will try to arrange it for at the end of October. We would
visit your class, and hope the kids and my kids share their SW stuff and then
we would go onward to Santa Fe and stay at NMSD. Hope it's okay and can be
arranged. Still working on getting up there for just myself, and not an easy


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