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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Tue Oct 3, 2000  2:14 pm
Subject:  Play with SW 4.3

Hi Nancy,

You wrote: "I learn when I play, and I don't play much with Dos:)

Thank you for this great idea ! That helped me to remember an experience
that is so important to me that I would like to share it with you.

As you already know - my son Johannes is a skilled SW 4.3 user. I wonder how
he manages to know which key and what key -combination will lead to the
specific sign he has in mind. Sometimes we exchange our "Eselsbrücken"
"funny associations that support to keep in mind or to remember" You can ask
your students as well - it´s funny everybody has his own associations for
the places of the different signs on the keyboard.
We never typed SW with the print-out of the keyboard next to us. From the
very beginning we tried to find the signs with very few strikes (and
errors) -

Johannes developed a special method of keyboard- training which should
support the children all over the world to acquire a cognitive map of all
the possibilities that are offered.

Hi Valerie - perhaps you are interested to post some of these in a special
folder children`s art with SW 4.3.??

The idea is to create pictures - (remember our discussion about drawing and
writing SW - ha )
Johannes suggests that children should create their own pictures or should
try to copy some of his products.
Just as it is with real artists every picture has a special title.

Playing around this way you will wonder how it will support you to construct
"serious " SW-symbols in case you are looking for a tiny stroke, point,
curve etc. When I was doing my facial expressions it was Johannes who taught
me to switch to alphabet-modus - in order to find the tiniest element. (Do
you know what I´m talking about ???)

Attached are some of his wonderfull SW-Männikens -- as he calls his people!!

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From: Nancy Cole
Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2000 10:20 PM
Subject: Re: SW helps to express students thoughts

> Oh, that is a wonderful idea with the characters! Richard and I think
> we write down a lesson on the board then the kids could come up with the
> signs on their own. We almost do this, but we thought maybe we would
> it. I think the kids would do alot more if we had the computer program.
> right now we have a new boss, and so I'm back to square one. This is
> so fustrating! Anyways, I kind of wish we had the program in windows
> instead of dos. If there is a program in windows I hope I find out
> I still have alot to learn working with Dos. I learn when I play, and I
> don't play much with Dos:) SOOOOOOO you had Deaf Awareness at your
> That's great! We had it at our school too, and we are still making our
> line. We are trying to put up alot of SW pictures, but I only own half
> room ha! You know about the other half:) I'm trying to get my kids to go
> your school. Will try to arrange it for at the end of October. We would
> visit your class, and hope the kids and my kids share their SW stuff and
> we would go onward to Santa Fe and stay at NMSD. Hope it's okay and can
> arranged. Still working on getting up there for just myself, and not an
> task!
> Smile
> Nancy

Jojos fine arts with SW43.jpg
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Size: 75k

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