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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Oct 3, 2000  9:56 pm
Subject:  Messages with attached files should be short....

SignWriting List
October 3, 2000

Dear SW List:

So many of us are exhausted and "over-scheduled" these days. Some
List members have told me that they only read a few messages posted
to the List... they pick and choose, rather than reading every
message...and that is fine...

And in most people's email software, attached files come in at the
BOTTOM of long messages, so people don't even see some of the
wonderful diagrams....because they never scroll down enough to
realize the diagram is there....

So if you plan to attach a diagram, try to keep the word message very
short - that way more people will see the attached diagram at a

So let me show you what I for the next message!

Val ;-)

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