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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 4, 2000  8:46 pm
Subject:  SignWriting in France

SignWriting List
October 4, 2000

Dear SW List...
It seems that the Deaf teacher in France, Mary Laurent, is having
trouble with her email, so here is a message from her, about using
SignWriting in France.....

To: SignWriting List
From: ELS

Dear Val, Thank you so much for sending us all this lovely material. We are
very grateful. It's incredible. Alain (Deaf) our video technician and
computer "reference" and I have been looking at the materials and the video
all afternoon. The video is really wonderful. Everything is so clear. We
plan to organize a meeting for our colleagues in order to show them the
materials. We plan to video this meeting so you can see everyone making
their first contact with SW and their reactions. Of course, we will send
you the video and I will write a report for our site. We will get started
as soon as possible. But as I warned you, everything here takes FOREVER
compared to the States. Thanks a million. Also you should know that we
have serious problems with our email here and I do not get all my messages.

In fact, I don't get most of my messages. Patrice sent me several
messages telling me the materials had arrived but I never received them
which held everything up for several weeks. I ran into him by accident at
a meeting and he asked me why I hadn't answered his messages. "What
messages?" I didn't realize it because I do get some messages. So, for
the time being, please send messages for me also to Patrice and he will
make sure that I get them. O.K. I will be in touch. Take care. And really
WOW for the beautiful books and video and software. I'm amazed. I have a
meeting with Sigrit (Deaf) our English teacher at the middle school. I
can't wait to see the look on her face. Alain wants to start translating
everything in to LSF and French as soon as possible. That's what we should
start on right? I hope you are well. We are fine, surviving. More soon.

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