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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 20, 2000  1:15 am
Subject:  Hello Everyone ;-)

SignWriting List
October 19, 2000

Hello Everyone ;-)

Hope you all are doing well. Sorry for my silence. I am limited in
strength these days, spending a portion of my days in bed because of
long-term illness. I have been slow to recover from a set back around
five weeks ago...but I am starting to regain strength. I admit that I
have let the messages on the SignWriting List go, because so many
other events have happened simultaneously...

Some surprising work is going on behind the scenes in computer
programming of SignWriting. Last summer I was heartbroken over
putting the SignWriter 5.0 project on hold. Not only did I run out of
funds to continue, but I lacked a good programmer to work with, and I
realized without the right person, we would be wasting our time and

The phrase "When God closes a door, He opens a window" is appropriate
in this case, since last summer I would never have guessed that so
many blessings would be handed to us in the Fall. I remember I shared
with the teachers who attended our Teacher's Seminar last
July.....(the Albuquerque team ;-)....that I was greatly distressed
by the way a programmer had treated me, and that I had no choice but
to discontinue the project for now. The teachers were so sweet about
it, saying that they use SignWriter 4.3 in MS-DOS and were happy with
it ...that made me feel better, thank you for your support my dear
friends ;-)

In September-October, several positive developments along the
software front changed the picture...

Programmers in several places...Brazil, Ireland, Iowa and San
Diego...have offered their help, their time, their interest, their
loyalty...and progress has been made...perhaps not exactly as I could
have foreseen back in July...but actually better in the long run, is
my guess!

So I will be slowly informing all of you, as soon as something is
ready....It will be a little more time before any announcements....We
are not finishing SignWriter 5.0...instead work is being done on
smaller improvements that step by step, will lead to better
software....which is more realistic.

Thank you, everyone for sticking with SignWriting...with all its ups
and downs...reading and writing signed languages has great value for
the world. We just have to be stay steady and positive, and not
waiver in our resolve...

I am way behind in reading your messages, so I look forward to reading them!!

Meanwhile my good wishes to everyone -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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