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From:  Eline Vanhecke
Date:  Fri Oct 20, 2000  1:20 pm
Subject:  (Fwd) from Eline

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Subject: from Eline
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 10:54:39 +0200

Dear Valerie,

I really hope that you are feeling better now! If not, I wish you a
rapid recovery. Get well soon!
I've read about your distress concerning programming SignWriter
and also about the recent positive changes. I regret that I don't
know anything about computers and programming, otherwise I
honestly would have liked to helping you out. All I can say is that
Kristof and I are working with MS-Dos program and that it's just
fine. It may take a little time (but not even that long) to get used to
the way of working with SignWriter, but I think that this goes for
every new programme you start working with. We are really very
glad for having SignWriter and SignWriting, because it makes our
work a lot more 'comfortable', if you know what I mean.
I may have mentionned this before, but I'm not sure. In july I gave a
2-hour presentation of SignWriting for Deaf adults. I prepared this
presentation on the basis of the 'lessons in SignWriting' (video &
map). I must say, these Deaf people wery very excited and
interested! They had no problems at all with understanding the
examples and they even noticed a mistake on my behalve. They
are very eager to learn (more about) SignWriting, so I gave them all
a lot of information, handouts etc. and the address of the
SignWriting site. Kristof and I have planned to organise a number of
such presentations, in order to make Deaf people acquainted with
the possibilty of writing their own language. I am all excited about it
myself! And I have been told that in both Flemish schools where
people study to become interpreters for Deaf people, SignWriting
will be incorporated in the courses. That's great isn't it!

Well, I hope that this good news may have cheered you up a liitle.
All the best,


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