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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 20, 2000  5:34 am
Subject:  Re: Article on early-childhood language acquisition Newsweek

At 8:38 PM -0500 10/17/00, Rebecca Larche Moreton wrote:
>>>>Would somebody who can speak to this with references,
>>>>authorities, etc., please write a letter to Newsweek after
>>>>reading the ariticle (pp. 12-15 of "For the Love of Language,"
>>>>Newsweek Special Issue: Birth to Three, New Insights [no date;
>>>>out this week]? Becky, <<<<

SignWriting List
October 19, 2000

Becky -
It is so great to read a message from you. Thanks for informing us
about this article ;-)

And of course your points are well taken....Unfortunately, this is
quite a common problem. There are articles like this from time to
time...Most hearing people who write articles do not think of signed
languages as real languages, so the implication that spoken language
is the only form of language is all around us in our culture in
hidden ways...It is hard to be in a minority, like those who
sign...the majority doesn't notice the minority's issues because they
have never experienced them.

Remember the New York Times article that was supposed to be written
on SignWriting? The journalist became ill, which of course, put the
article on hold. She interviewed many people who use SignWriting. As
far as I know it has never been articles about such
unusual subjects...are just that...unusual!

I will contact Newsweek tomorrow to tell them about signed languages
and SignWriting - and I might even call the journalist from the New
York Times!! :-))

Thanks for your message, Becky, and your interest....

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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